The evolution of building the Creative Bead Studio

To take my hobby and turn it into a wonderful new dream job is a magical experience.

I have collected beads and supplies for 30+ years. I enjoy the bead buying experience (who doesn't), and despite the bouts of insomnia of staying up half the night creating lovely pieces of jewelry, my "stash" was getting ahead of my "sales".

15 years ago, the small extra bedroom soon became the very crowded studio. The "stash" overflowed into our basement with large sterilite storage bins, stacked 4-5 high, filled with items for beading and other craft materials. Then the boxes starting decorating the walls in the house. (I am not kidding).

When I felt pressured to get a piece done, it took too much time to look through all the boxes to find what I needed, it was just easier to buy another one. And so my stash grew....  I am sure many of you can relate to this phenomenon while a few of you are capable of staying contained with one project until you complete it before moving on. (I was absent when they passed that gene out)

Viola... the idea for building the Studio, which allowed us to retrieve our Home back from Warehouse Storage status. I was very fortunate to have the support of my husband as it was quite an investment to make the Studio a reality. 

My original idea was to have shed company deliver a building that I would insulate, put up paneling, install electricity and a heater. But  family members and friends offered to help build it for approximately the same price. It became a 6 month project and of course, it was a more involved detailed project than previously believed. However, was well worth it, as it is an incredible space that inspires creative energy. 

The strands of beads are divided into sections of crystals, natural stones, glass, pearls, shells, Lucite and other materials. They are all visible and create instant inspiration for the possibilities, waiting for you to express yourself.

Immersing myself in beads and teaching others is what I love to do. Teaching you the techniques, increasing your knowledge of which supplies to use, playing with color and texture, understanding which tools make it easier, can build confidence, improve skills and enhance your creativity.

My goal is to promote your confidence with education, provide "ready to make" kits, and to sell unique finished pieces. 

My plan is to accomplish this through classes, "Girls' night out" gatherings, Birthday parties, by providing open shopping/browsing time in the Studio, on line shopping and home parties. I will continue to do local craft fairs and special events. 

I hope to meet you and I invite you visit the "Creative Bead Studio" and work on a project!