Photographing Crystal AB is obviously over my head as you can see the yellow tint in crystals from my light. These crystals are gorgeous, they have an AB (stands for auroa borealis) treatment over clear Swarovski Crystals, reflecting any color they are near. They go with everything.
Earring Kit -   Swarovski Crystal Tree
Earring Kit -   Swarovski Crystal Tree

Earring Kit - Swarovski Crystal Tree

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Make your own earrings, give the kit as a gift to a fellow jewelry hobbyist, or come take a class to learn how to make a wire loop wrap. Please note I have a video on making the wire wrapped loop in the Blog section and on the Creative Bead Studio Facebook page.

Comes with Sterling Silver head pins and Ear wires.

If you are a beginner, practice making the wire wraps with copper before moving onto to sterling silver. 

Fun to make while saving a few dollars.

Kit includes:

 2 - 12mm Swarovski Crystal  Margaritas   (in the 4-tier only)                                                 2-  10mm Swarovski Crystal  Margaritas                                                                            2- 8 mm  Swarovski Crystal  Margaritas                                                                              2- 6mm Swarovski Crystal  Margaritas                                                                                2- 3mm Swarovski Ruby bicones                                                                                           2- 3mm metallic glass cubes                                                                                                   2 -Sterling Silver headpins 2"                                                                                              2- Sterling Silver Ear Wires                                                                                                   2 - Earring wire backs   

See a YouTube video in the Blog section for an instructional video on assembly and the wire wrapped loop.