Gorgeous Amethyst Beads. The nicer quality Amethyst is being more expensive and harder to find. More commonly you will find Dog's Tooth Amethyst which has white quartz  striations. Not as attractive as pure Amethyst.
6 mm Sodalite beads in a 3 tier memory wire bracelet. Sodalite has a high salt, calcium & manganese content. This helps it to have a harmonizing and soothing effect. Blue stones in general strengthen communications, creativity, inspiration and intuition.
Kyanite is hard to find and is rare in jewelry. It has soft MOH factor and can break if dropped. (similar to fluorite in fragileness). One of the few stones that clears it's own energy field as well as enhances other stones' energy tranmissions.
Dyed Fresh Water Pearls - elegant
Reconstituted Lapis which means these stones are a result of upcycling any waste from cutting into the lapis stones. It is treated and dyed to re create beautiful lapis stone qualities. It is real, but unlike Humpty Dumpty, it was put back together again with help from man.
Turquoise & Pyrite, also upcycled material from both stones to make these attractive beads.
Blue Quartz is dyed. And it is so beautiful and versatile in jewelry.
Dyed Teal Shells. These are a gorgeous color and will receive many compliments. Very glossy.
Blue Aventurine is a lovely stone. Aventurine is most common in green, but comes in multiple colors including Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Yellow

Memory Wire Bangle - 3 tier Gemstone

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Gorgeous Gemstone beaded bracelets wrapped around your wrist will bring exclamations of appreciation from others. Although a simple memory wire wrap, it is a subtly bold look.

Two short dangles accent the bracelet.

Adjusts to most wrists

Made with a 6mm Gemstone steel memory wire, glass spacers and rubber tubing.

Message me if you want a different gemstone, prices will vary depending on the gemstone.