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Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Melody (Super Seven) stone Pendant

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Melody (Super Seven) stone Pendant

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 The Melody Stone, a magnificent Quartz with a hidden secret, might surprise you.

  • Nicknamed "Super Seven" for a reason, this stone isn't just beautiful - it's a powerhouse containing seven materials:
    • Smoky Quartz,
    • Clear Quartz,
    • Amethyst,
    • Lepidocrocite,
    • Rutile,
    • Cacoxenite, and
    • Goethite. 
  • Imagine the combined energy!
  • While seemingly unassuming, a closer look reveals flashes of purple Amethyst, a touch of fiery orange hues at the base, in a background of clear Quartz and rutile. This unique combination is incredibly rare!
  • But beyond its beauty lies the true magic. Too much information to list here, but search "Melody Stone properties" and discover a wealth of potential benefits – from enhanced intuition to emotional balance and spiritual growth.
  • Imagine this stone adorning your neck, its energy tingling against your skin. Peope will notice as you radiate a newfound sense of harmony.

This rare and splendid cabachon is photographed against a ruler so you can determine the size. It will come with a black nylon cord.

The bail was made large enough to accept most chains, cords, ribbon or whatever you chose to hang it from. 

To amplify Positive energy, I wrapped this special stone in Sterling Silver.

This Quality and at this Price, this won't last long and it is the only one I have. 

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