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Memory Wire is a great option for wearing an attractive bracelet noted for  being very easy to put on, take off and stays securely on the wrist. 

Neckcollars are also made with Memory Wire, as well as rings and anklets. 

The size is naturally adjustable and fits most wrists comfortably. However, Child and Larger sizes are also available. 

Browse through our selection to see what inspires you.

Bracelets come in 3 to 7 tiers/loops around the wrist.                                                    Price will vary depending on the number of loops and the bead material. 

Classes available to guide you in designing your own bracelet.                                            This class is very rewarding as you have a completed piece of jewelry that you will enjoy and wear many times. Class is appropriate for ages starting 8+ depending on design. 

This is also a popular "Birthday Party" event! Message me for details on how to book. 

Memory Wire Jewelry

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