About Us

Creative Bead Studio has been evolving over 30 years, starting out making jewelry that family and friends admired. Then they started ordering jewelry for themselves or as gifts. Encouraged to participate in local Christmas Craft Fairs, I made more earrings and bracelets. 

I love making pieces that "pop" and/or have "bling". What I mean by this is using contrasting colors or textures in a tasteful way so that you, and the jewelry you are wearing get noticed. An example: Swarovski Crystal earrings always get noticed as the light hits them in a certain way. 

I wanted to improve my skills and started taking classes, purchasing DVD courses (Dale Cougar and others), and spent many hours designing and adding to my skills set. I became a member of the Bead Society of NH, loved our semi-annual retreats, learned techniques from others and shared some of my own.

I confess that although I enjoy off loom weaving with beads, working with natural stones and wire is my love.