My Story

Don't you just love getting a great compliment on the new bracelet you are wearing?

With you in mind, I create a "subtly bold" look. I know, sounds like an oxymoron... however... using simple lines, contrasting colors, a bit of 'bling' and texture, the jewelry is bold enough to get noticed, yet, doesn't take center stage or look gaudy.

You pride yourself with a practical side, yet admit to creating some whimsical moments. You live life fully, respectfully and enjoy creating balance by dipping your toes on both sides of the scale.  You get in your groove with the challenge of a bit of chaos and appreciate the serenity that comes with 'surrendering to the moment'. You understand that your environment, sense of self, perception, and many more subtle and bold events/items affect your wellbeing. 

I love making pieces that "pop" and/or have "bling". What I mean by this is using contrasting colors or textures in a tasteful way so that you and the jewelry you are wearing get noticed. An example: Swarovski Crystal earrings always get noticed (from across the room) as the light hits them creating a "bling". 

In a high school Art class, (back when Noah landed), Mrs Irwin taught us some jewelry making techniques including using a torch for soldering and how to get a high polish on the silver. We all made a bezel ring. That was all it took to get 'hooked'. Wire wrapping is my prefered "go to" activity and I was labeled with the nickname of "the wire whisperer" by fellow bead retreat goers.  What is really crazy, is my passion to work with Memory Wire. Yup, you read that right. Most of us tried our hand and stringing beads on a 'slinky' type wire and most of the time it came out ok, but not something to earn bragging rights. I love designing a piece that is not only gorgeous, but easy to put on and take off and yet super comfortable to wear. Check out my double drilled gemstones or collar necklaces for samples of this.

I have been a member of the NH society for Beads for 15+ years, love going to our semi annual retreats and have made life long friends. I feel very honored to belong to this group of creative women and men who cherish the fellowship of our group with open sharing of techniques, successes, failures, respectful of each one's core values and how everyone's voice is heard. We even learned to "Zoom" our monthly meetings when meeting outside in the snow was impractical. 

Although I am skilled enough at off loom bead weaving and stringing, my love is working with wire and semi-precious gemstones. It is my goal to teach others more about the jewelry they buy from me, including properties & care of various pieces, while providing classes and kits so they can make their own jewelry. It is a treat to watch someone light up after a class saying, "Wow, I made that!". 

Currently, I have a Bead Studio I work and sell from. I also do some craft fairs, but find the lugging, setting up and taking down is more difficult as I age. However, I love meeting people in person, sharing stories, so when I get physical help, I am there! I also enjoy sharing my display experience with new comers. If you are in the area, definitely stop by my Studio for a visit and a tour.

I have a varied background as a Nurse, Farmer, Grammie and am blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband. My medical background included working with elders. I also have a lot of wholistic therapies in my 'tool box', including Crystal properties, polarity therapy, reflexology, essential oils, and obtaining  a Reiki Master Teacher certificate in 1990. I care about and have researched how environmental factors and other various energies affect our health and well being. 

As a farmer, I rode, raised, showed, trained horses and miniature horses, raised goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks, guinea hens, turkeys and rescued a few pets and wild animals. I raised and sold herbs, perennials, and house plants. I even made an attempt at opening a Pet Store, and had 48 birds in stock as well as 11 large fish aquariums teaming with various varieties of tropical fish in three rooms of my house waiting to open the Store. Then decided against it due to fear of failure when I added up all the monthly costs of renting space. So, I started bringing cages of finches to the Nursing Home I worked in and left cages with a pair of finches or parakeets in various rooms which started my interest in Pet Therapy for elders. Oh, I have so many stories...

I believe strongly in creating moments of joy for others and loved bringing my miniature farm animals to Nursing Homes to see the delight in the staff and resident's faces. (I have recently retired both from FT Nursing Career and Farming, spending my time in my Bead Studio, Teaching, Learning, Designing  and with my Grandchildren)