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My Story

With you in mind, I create a "subtly bold" look using semi-precious stones and wire to make attractive and meaningful jewelry.  Using simple lines, contrasting colors, a bit of 'bling' and texture, the jewelry is bold enough to get noticed, yet doesn't take center stage or look gaudy. And it feels good on!

During the designing phase, I evaluate the focus beads not only for quality, but for size, color and texture. I put them on a wire and place other beads next to them, trade them out, try new ones, and so goes the process, until something finally 'catches' my eye. That "ah ha" moment! That small bit of black and silver next to the Turquoise bead really makes it stand out! 

It is so frustrating to buy and wear jewelry that looks fabulous, but is so uncomfortable you can't wait to get it off! Like a rough edge rubbing the back of your neck, or the weight of it choking the sides of your neck. Do you struggle with a clasp that is so tiny your mature, less than nimble fingers can't manage to open it?. (My clasps are a bit larger without being huge).

That's why I pay attention to details. Jewelry needs to be comfortable so that you forget you have it on PLUS look fabulous! 

Wire wrapping is my preferred "go to" activity and my nickname of "the wire whisperer" was labeled by fellow bead retreat peers.  What is really crazy, is my passion to work with Memory Wire. Yup, you read that right. As a kid, many of us tried our hand at stringing beads on a 'slinky' type wire and most of the time it came out ok, but not something to earn bragging rights. I love the challenge of designing an exquisite bracelet, using Memory Wire that is not only gorgeous, but easy to put on and take off and super comfortable to wear.

I consider the potential healing properties of the gemstones when making jewelry, and they need to be attractive, comfortable, and a texture I want next to my skin. (If they don't "feel" good against your skin, you won't wear them).  

 Besides, isn't it Great getting a compliment on the bracelet you are wearing?

  I have been a member of the NH society for Beads for 20+ years, I love going to our semiannual retreats and have made lifelong friends. I feel very honored to belong to this group of creative women and men who cherish the fellowship of our group. We openly share our 'secret' techniques, successes, failures, while being respectful of each one's core values and everyone's voice is heard. We learned to "Zoom" our monthly meetings when meeting outside in the snow was impractical during the pandemic. 

I believe strongly in creating moments of joy for others and try to achieve this during local gatherings and classes at the Bead Studio. I love to laugh which makes others laugh.  Many comment on my contagious laugh.  It's my favorite belly aerobic exercise!   

Designing and making jewelry in my Bead Studio is my "happy place". I look forward to meeting more people, sharing tips, skills, and techniques, as they attend classes and events there. Located in Gilmanton Iron Works, NH. 

My goal is to grow into a monthly Webinar class after I fully retire from my Nursing Job. Coming soon....


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