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Covid 19 Pandemic

Looking forward to your visit: 

I am asking customers & visitors to call or text  for an appointment (603-455-5618) at this time. Being a retired Nurse, I tend to be a bit more cautious and more respectful of the contagiousness of this virus. 

Right now in NH, our risk is much lower than many other States but we all need to remain wary. 

I believe life can go on, we can still get out and about, shop, go out to eat, attend events, but do them with more awareness of:

                 - Washing our hands frequently

                 - Not touching our face

                 - Wear a mask when out among people whose background of where                     they have been is unknown

                 - Maintain distancing

In compliance with recommendations by the CDC and for personal/family safety,

I will be asking you the following questions:

1. Do you feel ill?

2. Do you have a fever or feel feverish?

3. Do you have a sore throat, a new loss of smell/taste, a cough or runny nose?

4. Have you had any contact with someone with confirmed or suspected Covid        19 in the past 14 days?

5. Have you traveled out of New England in the past 14 days?

6. Have you traveled on any public transportation in the past 14 days?

7. Have you attended a large gathering where people (more than 50) did not            wear masks and/or maintained 6 foot distancing?                                                      (Like a wedding/reception/event)

8. Have you been in an enclosed area (a living room/dining room, etc) where          people (who do not live at the household) did/could not maintain 6 foot                distancing or wear masks when not eating or drinking for a length of time            greater than 15 minutes? 

9. Despite feeling well, have you tested positive for Covid 19 in the past 10              days?

10. If you answered "no" to all the questions, came to browse, shop or visit, and        you experience new symptoms to questions above within 48 hrs of your              visit, please let me know. 

11. I have received both vaccines as of January 2021. Most of my friends and           family over 65 have as well. 

3/26/2021: Classes are still restricted to 3 or less people, I have plexiglass stations and wash down areas used, including doorknobs, light switches, desktops, tools regularly. I foresee things getting back to 'almost' normal by summer time. I will also be able to hold larger classes on my deck, outside starting June.