How to Care for your Jewelry

How to Care for your Jewelry

Copper, Brass and Silver wire jewelry will continue to darken over time. All metals tarnish, even gold. To keep it looking bright & shiny you can use a polishing cloth on it.

Don't wear your jewelry during water activities such as swimming, (esp ocean water or pools treated with chemicals), showering/bathing. Don’t wear during activities that cause you to perspire, (salt will hasten tarnish effect). Don’t wear when sleeping, you could bend the wire out of shape by rolling onto the necklace or earrings and many people do perspire while in a deep sleep.

Keep jewelry dry and if it gets wet with water, dry thoroughly.

You can use a soft toothbrush & mild toothpaste with water to remove obvious debris gently, but thoroughly rinse & dry your piece afterwards. Some people use Ketchup to clean their copper and brass wires with. Again, rinse and dry thoroughly.  Use the polishing cloth for the Silver wire.

There are Silver cleaning solutions as well, but some stones don’t tolerate the cleaning chemicals, so be careful.

Keep jewelry away from household/chemical cleaners, perfumes, essential oils, lotions, or other products that if they come into contact with your jewelry, it will discolor the finish. Put your jewelry on AFTER your makeup, hair spray, bug spray or tanning lotion.

Because stones vary greatly in their properties, I have added a link for you to go to for specific stone care: 

To slow oxidation, store your jewelry in a plastic bag with an anti-tarnish strip or anti-moisture packet in a dry, dark place.

These care instructions & a small polish cloth will be included with your package so you can keep your jewelry looking beautiful.

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