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Aromatherapy - Chakra Bracelet - Yoga Bracelet
Aromatherapy - Chakra Bracelet - Yoga Bracelet
Aromatherapy - Chakra Bracelet - Yoga Bracelet

Aromatherapy - Chakra Bracelet - Yoga Bracelet

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Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being. 

Lava stones make a great diffuser for essential oils. When worn against your skin, the oils are mildly warmed and as you move your arm, the properties of the oils are released into the air. The essentials oils are gently, over time absorbed into your skin and into your limbic system to assist your body into balance. 

These Aromatherapy-Chakra Bracelets are adjustable and made with genuine gemstones that align with your energy centers. Chakras align with your endocrine system.

Not only are the bracelets beautiful, they include a lava stone that dangle attractively from the wrist. Putting a drop of essential oil on the lava stone lasts approximately 24hrs.  

Black or Red- Carnelian, Onyx, Red Jasper, - Root Chakra-Survival, Grounded 

Orange-Tiger Eye, Goldstone, Jasper     -Sacral Chakra- Emotions, Relationships  

Yellow- Citrine, Yellow Jade/Agate        - Solar Plexus-  Personal power, Joy 

Green- Aventurine, Jade, Malachite      - Heart Chakra- Love, Trust, Forgiveness  

Teal/Turquoise- Apatite, Turquoise     - Throat Chakra- Communication  

Blue/Indigo- Lapis, Sodalite                - 3rd Eye Chakra - Vision, Intuition, higher self  

Purple- Amethyst, Tanzanite                - Crown Chakra - Enlightenment, Spirituality

The gemstones listed are not a complete list, The gemstones I use are the ones listed above, including some agates or jaspers that are within the color range required for the specific Chakra.

Materials:  genuine gemstones, lava stone, memory wire, rubber tubing, seed beads, metal spacers (lead and nickel free). 

Size: One size fits most  Not child size or for wrists smaller than 5.5 "