3 Tier Swarovski Crystal AB Tree & Sterling Silver Wire. Very reflective that the photo unfortunately doesn't capture.
4 tier Swarovski Crystal AB with Sterling Silver Wire. 1.5" long. Very reflective even in Firelight!
3 Tier Swarovski Emerald Crystal with Crystal AB bicone topping. Made with Sterling Silver wire. The photo doesn't do these earrings justice. They are translucent green, very pretty. 1.25" long.
These trees are actually made with flower beads turned upside down to make components of the tree limbs. Sterling Silver wire. Fire polish bead topping. 1.5" long. Very attractive.
4 tier Swarovski Crystal AB  alternating with Silver backed margarita crystals giving a layered look.  Sterling Silver Wire. 1.5" long. Reflective even in Firelight!
4 Tiered Swarovski Emerald Margarita Crystals topped with Crystal AB bicones. Sterling Silver Wire.
4 Tier Swarovski Emerald Crystal Margaritas topped with red bicone. Made with Sterling Silver wire. 1.5" long.
4 Tier Swarovski Vitrial Margarita Crystals topped with fushia bicones. Made with Sterling Silver Wire. Very reflective in the light. Lots of compliments waiting to happen! 1.5" long.

Christmas Tree Earrings - Limited Stock!

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Most of these classic Christmas trees are made with Swarovski Crystals. Some are smaller with 3 tiers of the Margarita crystal, topped with a bicone on a cubed or bicone crystal. Made with Sterling Silver Wire. 

Prices reflect cost of Swarovski crystal used. The Swarovski company has also announced they are discontinuing these crystals in 2021 and currently no longer manufacturing any new ones. The quality of the reflective ability in a Swarovski Crystal out shines any other brand currently which is why I use them. 

The pictures don't do the actual look any justice as the brilliance is difficult to photograph. The Crystal AB and the Vitrial Trees pick up even firelight in a dim room and sparkle all the way across the room. 

These are the most popular earring for gift giving as the receivers compliment the gift several more times after Christmas time (cuz they keep receiving compliments when they wear them)! Some of my customers buy 3 to 4 pair every year for gifts for teachers, friends, family, etc. The Crystal AB ones can be worn all winter, not just at Christmas/New Years. 

They are approx 1.5" long including the Sterling Silver ear wire. The 3 tier Margarita trees are just under 1.25" long.

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