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Copper Wire Wrapped 4x12mm stones Bangle Bracelet Kit with Instructions

Copper Wire Wrapped 4x12mm stones Bangle Bracelet Kit with Instructions

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The Wire Wrapped Bracelet is unisex, stackable, easy to put on and take off and totes a classic yet versatile look.

This Beginner level Wire Wrap Kit creates an attractive, crisp looking bangle bracelet that will impress even yourself! 

The kit comes with 18g square, 20g round, 20g half round, 18g round and (9) 4x12mm rectangle stones. A written step by step with pictorial instructions booklet accompanies the wire kit. 

Tools needed but not included in the kit are: Flush wire cutters, 6 step mandrel pliers* that have a 2mm and  7 - 8 mm mandrel, Nylon pliers, Flat nose pliers, Fine point chain nose pliers, fine point round nose pliers, small file, painter's tape, ruler, & black sharpie.

* Could replace 6 step pliers for the Beadalon Memory Wire round pliers with a 2mm-4mm tips and a 8mm bail pliers.

The Kit makes a bracelet that fits an average wrist. If your wrist is slightly larger or smaller, adjustments can be made and are included in the instructions. If your wrist is  greater than 8.5 inches, this kit may not have the appropriate amount of wire. Please contact me your wrist is 6.25 inches or smaller, as it may require a size 20g square wire and larger wrists will require a more lenngth of wire and maybe an additional stone. 

Techniques learned include: making your own Hook & Eye clasp, Straightening wire, how to prevent marring your wire with your tools, keeping the wraps crisp and professional looking, what to do with sharp ends, how to prevent the square wire from twisting on itself, bending wire into bracelet shape, how use your nylon pliers, how to make nice round loops, how to prevent breaking your stones, etc. 

In person class available for 2+ people @ $30/each and can be scheduled at your convenience. ($40 for 1 person) Class held at the Creative Bead Studio and takes approx 2.5 - 3 hours. (Class is payable the day you come to take it, Kits are separate and can be payable on line or in the Studio). Tools are available for use at the Studio. You will leave with a completed bracelet!

The multi-color photo shows:  Dark blue= top, outer strand, Blue- 2nd one from top, Aqua = 3rd one from top, Lime Green = 4th from top, Green = 5th from top, Purple= 6th from top/bottom inside strand,

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